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Offering career training and support since 1989 with physical locations in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton.

We are are committed to solving your computer problems and you can count on us to get the job done. We’re here to support small, medium and large business and have been doing so since 1989. Let us take care of your tech needs so you can run your operation and computers, headache-free. Often, we can solve your computer problems remotely without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home or having to bring in any equipment.

Offering quality training since 1989 with locations in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, our faculty and staff are regularly considered to be experts in their respective fields. We have 100+ years of combined experience and it shows. Be it stand alone personal computer repair, networks, servers, tablets, cell phones, script writing, custom software, web design, custom programming or advanced computer training, let us make technology work for you.


Each class includes unlimited refresher courses.

We are not comfortable until you are comfortable.

Need a refresher, come on back!

At no charge.

When it counts, count on us.


Its about peace of mind.

Our job is to let you do yours without technology getting in the way.

You don’t need to know all the technical details, let us do that.

Your day stops, ours never does.



Once a student, always a student.

At the office, things may go wrong.

Our graduates are never left out to dry.

Support is included in all classes.

So are audit sessions.

Been that way since 1989.


Expert witness testimony in court.

Forensic services for:

law enforcement,

corporate incident response,

divorce, espionage, destruction,

or other legal cases involving data.


Security does not get a second chance.

Biometric security integration

Compliance for HIPPA, SOX, FISMA, PCI, ISO 27002 & More

Encryption of sensitive data,

Security Audits,

Secure Email & Pen Testing.


Losing data shouldn’t be an option.

Computers and harddrives die.

Backup is the key.

To move forward, you must backup.

No business can survive complete data loss

Be ready. We can help.


Instant gratification means instant results.

You business needs to be found quickly.

We’ll try to increase your presence on Google.

The goal is to be listed closer to the top.

Competitors may have the same goal.


The web is where business is, where are you?

We can setup your website and maintain it.

A website is only as good as its information.

When it comes to the web, we have the experts.


You can dream it. We can try to build it!

Custom Website Design

SQL , WordPress, .NET & More

Custom Computer Design

Programming Scripts

More PC Paramedic Computer Repair Services

Active Directory is Microsoft’s directory service used for the network management of user data, security, and resources. The service also creates connections between operations of other available directories. Active Directory was created for use across distributed networking environment.

Problems with your Android phone? No worries, we can help diagnose and repair many common hardware or software issues. From firmware upgrades to email downloads to software configurations, let our repair division take care of your Android cellular headache.

Anti-Spam can help get those annoying, virus-threatening messages away from your computer. With anti-spam we can automatically block unwanted emails and messages sent by pestering websites. Bring your internet security to the next level with the help of our spam protection software.

Having your computer data backed-up should be a priority for anyone who uses technology on a daily or even weekly basis. From precious family photos to important work files, let us take care of transferring your data to a safe and secure space.

No repair is too big or small for us. Whether your computer dropped off a countertop or  has been drenched by your morning coffee, our computer repair services team can take a look at it.  With a “can’t fix, no charge” policy, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

We will help you design, configure and implement a system to protect the integrity of your network and data. Effective network security is pivotal to any business that deals with customer information.  Our data security team of professionals can help implement plans and procedures to provide the protection and security you need.

Rather than storing your information on a local server or personal desktop, we can help you configure your solution to instead use remote servers and networks to store and manage your data.  This will offer better backup protection, better data management and a significantly more powerful hardware solution, often saving money in the process.

Broken screen? Virus? Slow computer? Improper configuration?  Scanner not scanning?  Printer not printing? Error messages? No problem is too big or too small for PC Professor’s expert computer repair services department, PC Paramedic.  Since 1989, PC Paramedic has been helping consumers and businesses with emergency repair and computer support issues with a “can’t fix, no charge” policy.

We can help ensure that your organization is compliant with industry standards through compliance testing and analysis.

Content filtering is used to restrict or prevent access to certain harmful, possibly virus-containing items. Dangerous or questionable websites and executable files are the most common threats that should be restricted. Content filtering is one of the most effective solutions in combating malicious content from entering your browser.

Need help navigating through your desktop? Our trained professionals can assist you with nearly any computer related problem you may be experiencing.  From file data management to setting custom data paths to writing personalized scripts, you are in the right place.  PC Professor’s repair subsidiary, PC Paramedic, has been helping individuals and businesses optimize technology since 1989.

We can help take your virtual desktop environment into the cloud.  This process allows for a more flexible, more secure and better managed desktop delivery system.  Often, the end user will benefit from significantly more powerful hardware at reduced pricing.  The data transition will usually be much smoother with us at the helm.  Call us today to arrange a technical consultation.

Since 1989, PC Professor’s repair division, PC Paramedic, has been called upon numerous times in court to offer expert testimony.  Our services have been needed for cases involving divorce, theft, video surveillance and, among other high tech topics, data security.  Our computer faculty and data security staff have been featured on the news many times as industry experts.  Call us today to arrange a consultation and you will see why.

We often have the ability to recover missing data.  Using a variety of sophisticated techniques and procedure, our experts have often done what others have said was impossible.  Since 1989, we have been the data security experts — come in today to set up a data recovery consultation and you will quickly see why.

Not sure exactly what data is missing? We can help you diagnose, as well as recover, the missing information to get your computer back up and running.  We’ve been doing password and data recovery for over 30 years.  Come in or call today to set up a data recovery consultation.

Troubleshooting? Our help desk can provide information and support regarding any of the services we offer.  Or, perhaps you would like us to support your entire team of associates?  We’ve been supporting individuals and entire support staffs since 1989.  Call or come in to set up a consultation to discuss our help desk services.

Nothing is more important than securing your personal and corporate information when browsing the internet. We can provide security for your computer network as well as set up anti-malware software to regularly scan your computer for threats.

iOS software issue? Let’s figure out what’s going on.  Since 1989, PC Professor’s repair division, PC Paramedic, has been supporting both individuals and companies with operating system and application issues.

The Linux server is great for handling the more demanding business applications, including network and system administration, database managing and web services.  We can help you with Linux and/or many other operating system problems, but we can’t do that until you call and introduce yourself.  Call today and set up a technical evaluation of your system.

We offer numerous technical services that will get your business running quickly using Microsoft Exchange.  From setting up user accounts to elaborate spam filtering, we do it all.  Simply call or click to set up a technical consultation to get started.

Hyper-V is virtualization technology that lets you run multiple 32-bit or 64-bit x86 operating systems at the same time on the same computer.  We’ve been supporting both individuals and companies since 1989, so stuff like this is the language we speak.  Call or click today to set up a technical consultation to get started.

Let us get you set up with Microsoft’s premier office application software suite which includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and more!  Not only do we offer regularly scheduled hands-on training classes in each of these topics, but we offer technical services and custom script writing for each of theses too.  Simply call or click to set up a consultation today.

SharePoint is a web-based, document management and storing platform that works with Microsoft Office.  Our techs and trainers can help you install, configure and implement each aspect of your SharePoint rollout and support you along the way.  Call or click today to set up a consultation to get started.

Microsoft SQL is a database management system used for storing and retrieving data between software applications.  Our expert trainers can help you design, configure and rollout a database solution that matches your workflow and fills the needs of your firm.  We can help you establish an automated backup procedure and off-site emergency plan too.  Call or click today to set up a consultation to get started.

PC Professor’s technical division, PC Paramedic, can help design or improve your network structure to fit the needs of your growing business. From conceptualization to implementation, we can help you with every step in between. We can even help you with the training of your staff. Call or click to set up a consultation to get started.

Need to convert conventional paperwork to a digital format? Your office efficiency will increase while your physical warehousing needs and costs will diminish.  Let us transfer your documents for safe and easily-accessed digital storage.  From conceptualization to implementation, we can help you every step of the way, including training your staff on proper usage and backup techniques.  Call or click today to set up a technical consultation to get started.

Computer problem?  We can help! No matter how far, how large or how small! Our techncial team offers remote support so we can talk, walk or remote you through any process that may be causing a concern.  Give us a call or click to set up a technical consultation to discuss this and get started today.

Java, Javascript, .NET, PHP, C#, HTML, CSS, Flow, React, Python, Node.JS, PHP, XHP, etc. We have the expert skills to implement these programming languages and are also able to train you and your teammates in the art of computer programming.  We have classes in programming topics beginning regularly so call or click today to set up a consultation to discuss how we can assist you in resolving your programming and software development needs.

We can create network infrastructures that can allow all of your computers to share a single internet connection, which in turn saves you money. We can also set up routers that cater to your specific needs, whether it be firewalls, VPN (Virtual Private Network), an Internet Protocol (IP) communication systems.  Encountering problems with internet provider outages?  Call or click to talk to us about implementing a solution that allows for a backup provider to seamlessly kick-in during sudden outages.

Lets us take a look at your internet security structure and help configure the most effective and efficient malware and security protection.  PC Professor’s repair division, PC Paramedic, has been helping both individuals and companies secure their data and computer networks since 1989.  Call or click to set up an appointment today.

Search Engine Optimization is extremely important when it comes to having a strong internet presence. The goal of our web design and SEO professionals is to help you become more visible in search engines throughout the web.  Using various techniques, we may be able to increase traffic to your site without you having to pay monthly fees for advertising.  Call or click today to introduce yourself and to set up an SEO consultation for your personal or corporate website.

Server Virtualization is the process of moving data from on-premise servers up to the cloud. This procedure has a lot benefits that include simplifying data management, enabling disaster recovery, increasing IT productivity and responsiveness, reducing operation costs and many more.  Call or click your nearest PC Professor / PC Paramedic today to set up a technical consultation to get started.

SQL is a database server used to hold customer info. It supports a variety of transaction processing, business intelligence and analytics applications in for a business’s IT environment.  Customers have been trusting PC Professor’s subsidiary, PC Paramedic, with precious data since 1989.  Call or click today to set up a consultation to discuss how we can help you.

Want to learn any or all of the technical services we provide? Give us a call and we can start you on the road to establishing your own computer repair service. From IT training to computer repair, your new career path can begin with us!  We proudly offer hands-on computer training classes that begin regularly and have been doing so since 1989.  Call or click today to obtain our latest class scheduling information at the campus nearest you.

PC Professor’s computer repair division, PC Paramedic, can assist you with cloud computing and platform technology using VMWare virtualization technology.  From conceptualization to implementation with training in between, we can guide you through all aspects of a virtualization migration.  Call or click your nearest PC Professor / PC Paramedic today to set up a virtualization consultation.

Short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, this process involves setting up your phone system to utilize the internet rather than phone lines. Benefits include simple setup and maintenance, the ability to easily scale up and down the amount of phone lines, integration with other business systems, cost reductions, additional features and many more.  PC Professor’s service and support division, PC Paramedic, can assist you with your VOIP phone system and its ongoing maintenance.   Call today to set up an appointment for a consultation.

No business is too big or small! We can create the great website that your company deserves. Our webmasters, web professionals and artistic web designers can help produce a fully responsive website that will look amazing on any computer, phone, or tablet.  Call or click your nearest PC Professor / PC Paramedic location today to set up a web design consultation.

Check out our computer repair division!

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