PC Professor Computer Training Classroom

If walls could talk, ours would have so much to say.  Since 1989, PC Professor has helped thousands of South Floridians, one small class at a time.  Some have studied with us to pursue their hobby, love and fascination of computers.  Others have enrolled to advance their existing careers; while, still others, have come to us with absolutely no formal computer background and enrolled in our classes to acquire an entirely new trade in an exciting, up and coming industry.  Many of them agree that computers are here to stay, that businesses will continue to need computer network support, that desktop computers will continue to need repairs/upgrades, and that the internet is in its infancy and will continue to grow exponentially fueling an ongoing need for webmasters, database designers and programmers.

Our walls would tell you that each class has had a teacher who was knowledgeable, personable and articulate and that our school’s hands-on classes make it easy to learn the difficult material.  They would probably also talk about our complimentary audit courses, our complimentary phone support and our complimentary practice time.

The walls may reminisce about how many of our students passed their national certification exams, how many have participated in our job placement assistance program and how many of them have been hired by our corporate clients in the local community.

Yes, if our classroom walls could talk, they would have lots of nice things to say about lots of nice people that have participated in lots of PC Professor classes throughout the decades. If you would like to arrange a no-obligation, complimentary audit, contact us today so that you, too, can experience some of the love and warmth that these walls have to share. Or, if you would prefer to learn remotely, that too, can often be accommodated.

Q: What makes PC Professor different?
A: A lot!

Here’s just a sample:

  • Small and personalized classes – either in person or many via Zoom
  • Complimentary refresher courses
  • Complimentary phone support
  • Complimentary practice time
  • Grants, scholarships and in-house financing available to those who qualify
  • We have trained employees of some of the largest IT companies in South Florida
  • Complimentary Job Placement Assistance program
  • On-site Certiport, Mensa & PearsonVue testing center
  • An official Microsoft Imagine Academy
  • Our classes are taught to learn the material, not just how to pass an exam
  • Patient and articulate instructors who are experts in their field
  • All classes are conducted interactively
  • We have a unique Learning Guarantee — now that’s confidence!

Over the past 3 decades, PC Professor has built a great reputation for quality training. Area companies typically know that we teach our students the right way and they often feel confident you will know the essentials. The rest is up to you!

We look forward to you receiving the best class you have ever taken. PC Professor is often considered the gold-standard in the computer training industry and we look forward to proving it to you! Call, click or visit today for a complimentary career assessment.

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