State of Florida Computer Training Job Growth Grant

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When tuition funding is available from the State, PC Professor participates in the Florida Computer Training Grant for Florida Businesses program. This can be an exciting and unique opportunity for existing businesses to update and expand while investing in the core competencies of its employees. With a government training grant available to South Florida businesses that meet the State’s published criteria to qualify, employers may pay as little as 25% for their course. When available and to those that qualify, the grant may reimburse an approved aspect of an employer’s academic tuition, course materials and possibly even the national certification exams (depending on the State’s criteria for eligibility and funding).

Popular classes at our Boca Raton and West Palm Beach campuses include Microsoft Cloud and Computer Systems Professional, Full Stack Developer, Cloud and Computer Systems Professional, Virtualization, Security+, CCNA, A+, Photoshop, Webmaster, Security or the Microsoft Office.

What’s on your training wish list? If qualified and your computer training needs match the State of Florida’s criteria for approval, you or your firm may be eligible for this popular career training grant.

Computer Training Job Growth Grant. When workers lack needed training and businesses experience skill gaps, the company’s ability to compete, expand, and retain workers can be compromised. Florida’s grant program addresses such needs for those that qualify and meet the State’s criteria.  The purpose of this Tallahassee-administered program is to provide training funds to employers to assist them in upgrading the computer skills for all full-time employees of the firm. The program helps Florida businesses provide IT training and computer education for current office and technology workers to result in improved employee productivity, reduced employee turnover and increased business competitiveness.  Historically, this training grant program for businesses may reimburse 50-75% of computer training expenses (historically, up to $50,000) at either PC Professor of Boca Raton and/or PC Professor of West Palm Beach.  Importantly, please be advised that each year’s grant program may have different rules, requirements, eligibility criteria, payment schedules, payment caps and/or approval procedures, all of which are out of PC Professor’s control.

Computer Training Job Growth Grant.  Past awards have required that the Florida business be located in Broward and Palm Beach Counties and have been in operation for a minimum of one year prior to the application date are eligible.  The company must be financially viable, current on all state tax obligations and not a retail store.   Nonprofit organizations and some retail operations are not typically eligible.  Approval is ultimately up to the State.  Also, please note that funding, availability and overall eligibility requirements can vary from year to year.

Computer Training Job Growth Grant. In business since 1989 with an outstanding reputation as IT training experts, PC Professor offers hands on  IT certification training in our Boca Raton and West Palm Beach easy-to-access locations.  Scheduling is simple with flexible day, evening, and weekend hours as well as the option of conducting training events at  your firm’s location.  Moreover, we are a proud training provider of hands-on training services for numerous small, medium, large, nationwide and international companies.

As a Microsoft School, we offer knowledgeable instructors, hands-on classes beginning weekly, phone support and complimentary audit courses.   If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to review a tiny sampling of our testimonials from past graduates who have taken the time to document our school’s commitment to academic excellence.

Click here to have an Admissions Rep contact you to discuss the State of Florida Computer Training Job Growth Grant and/or other exciting scholarship opportunities that may, periodically, be available to your group of co-workers or employees, if qualified to meet the State’s scholarship criteria.

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