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Do you represent an employer who is looking to hire a qualified candidate for an open IT position? Some of our alumni are seeking work and we love to play matchmaker.  There is never a charge to either you or the job candidate for job placement assistance.

The rules of our school’s Frequent Hire Club are very straightforward.  Simply, provide us with the job description of the position you seek to fill and we will do our best to refer a qualified student or alumni. We will refer candidates and you interview and consider hiring them.  The position will be blasted, posted and promoted by our Placement Assistance Office to PC Professor students and/or alumni who may be interested.  Applicants will be invited to contact you directly via the method you specify. You arrange the interviews at your location and at your convenience; and, of course, hire the very best applicant for the job.  Or, if you would like to use our facility to interview, this can be arranged at no cost.  While we suspect our students and alumni will be among the better candidates for the position, you are under no obligation to hire any of our candidates nor are any fees involved in the referral process.

We firmly believe you will find PC Professor students and alumni to be much better prepared for today’s technology than most other candidates.  Because our students have been trained in a hands-on manner, their learning curve will be far steeper than those from other schools; and, since our vocational graduates are entitled to free, unlimited phone support, we are confident that you will find them to be more productive, more knowledgeable and more efficient with less supervision needed.

If you do ultimately hire a PC Professor student or alumni, let us know immediately and we will promptly send you a complimentary $245 training voucher for the software application training class of your choice. The voucher is fully transferable and issued in the form of either a download-able document or a physical parchment-like gift certificate.  The Frequent Hire Program credit can be used towards training your new employee in a new topic, help a client, teach a corporate executive, achieve Continuing Professional Education credits, or towards enrolling yourself in the upcoming, regularly-scheduled, hands-on, application-software course of choice.

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