Hire A PC Professor Student or Graduate

PC Professor takes great pride in offering placement assistance to its students and career alumni, in part, by way of actively helping them identify substantive computer-related job leads. We’ve been providing free, occupational-matchmaking since 1989.  Neither the graduate nor the employer is ever charged for the placement assistance.

If you represent a hiring employer with an available IT position, please complete our no-obligation hiring form and the results will be made available to our technical graduates who are presently seeking employment.  As a reminder, PC Professor’s Frequent Hire Club provides for a complimentary $245 tuition gift certificate for each job offer made to a PC Professor referral candidate.

There is no fee; and, by posting a job opening with our school, you are under NO obligation to hire any of the talented applicants which may result.  We are confident, however, that you will want to!

Computer Books With A Graduation Hat

No Registration.
No Contract.
No Fine Print.
No Cost.
No Obligation.

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