Join Our Computer School’s “I Got A Job!” Club

If you are a PC Professor graduate who has been hired within eighteen months of completion of your last day of class, please fill out the following form to let us know the great news.   There are many people on our team who work very hard — both on the front lines and behind the scenes — to assist our alumni in finding meaningful, high-paying, training-related employment and we would really like to let them all know how you are doing.  No matter the duration of the class or the topic you studied with us, we would really like to hear from you.

Working, but not in the computer sector?   Or, not at the salary level you would like?  Temp, not perm?  Or, perhaps the position is not geographically desirable?  That’s ok, we’d still like to know the details of your current employment situation; and, if you want, we can supply you with job leads for other available local computer-related positions which may better meet your criteria.

An employment verification form can be found HERE.

As a new member of PC Professor’s “I Got A Job!” Club, you will receive a special gift reserved exclusively for alumni with exciting news such as this.  Please make sure to include your physical address so that we can stay in touch.

If you have any kind words to say about your teacher or any member of our school’s staff who helped you find a job, here is a great place to do it!  Specifically, we’d like to hear the events leading up to your employment and how we were involved.

Since 1989, our school has changed the lives of thousands of students for the better; and, we look forward to having you as the newest member of PC Professor’s “I Got A Job!” Club.

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