Microsoft MCSE Preparatory Certification

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) credential validates that an individual has the comprehensive set of skills necessary to perform a particular IT-related job role.   Formerly known as MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional), MCSE certifications build on the technical proficiency measured in the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications. Therefore, you will earn one or more MCTS certifications on your way to earning an MCSE credential.

MCSE candidates are capable of deploying, building, designing, optimizing, and operating technologies for a particular IT-related job role. They make the design and technology decisions necessary to ensure successful technology implementation projects.

Earning a Microsoft Certification validates your proven experience and knowledge in using Microsoft products and solutions. Designed to be relevant in today’s rapidly changing IT marketplace, Microsoft Certifications help you utilize evolving technologies, fine-tune your troubleshooting skills, and improve your job satisfaction.

Microsoft MCSE Preparatory Certification

Microsoft MCSE Preparatory Certification

Whether you are new to technology, changing jobs, or a seasoned IT professional, becoming certified demonstrates to customers, peers, and employers that you are committed to advancing your skills and taking on greater challenges. In addition, certification provides you with access to exclusive Microsoft resources and benefits, including opportunities to connect with a vast, global network of other certified Microsoft professionals.

Why should you become MCSE certified?

Here are just a few of the possible reasons:

  • To demonstrate to your employer, customers and colleagues that you have what it takes to plan, implement, and support business solutions concerning hardware, software, networking and/or the operating system.

  • To make yourself marketable to companies who identify the Microsoft MCSE certification as a requirement for interviewing with their firm.  In a difficult job market, it is an easy way for employers to distinguish those who claim to know the material from those who really know it.

  • A suitable for framing, parchment-esque certificate of completion from PC Professor signifying your academic achievement.

  • Industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency with Microsoft, Cisco and computer hardware.

  • In the case of Microsoft, it includes a one-year subscription to DreamSpark which allows our career students to test and evaluate software products.  These evaluation titles give users a chance to try various products and determine how a new product will affect current systems, what deployment issues may arise, and how much end-user support will be needed.

  • Access to technical and product information directly from the certifying vendor.

  • Use of the certification vendor’s logo, certificate, wallet card, and/or lapel pin to enable you to identify your certified status to colleagues, clients and prospective employers.

  • Invitations from vendors to conferences, technical training sessions, focus groups and special events.

  • A free Microsoft subscription to professional newsletters, career related emails and/or professional development magazines.

  • Access to PC Professor’s supplemental, placement assistance program.  While no reputable school can ever promise a job,  we try our best to help our certified graduates find meaningful training-related employment by supplying them with job leads and employment opportunities offered by local, South Florida employers.

Microsoft MCSE Preparatory Certification classes begin weekly and fill quickly.  Contact a PC Professor Admissions Rep today to discuss enrollment.

Boca Raton, FL: 561-750-7879 or West Palm Beach, FL: 561-684-3333

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