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This is a Contact Management Database program for all-in-one organization and planning. This course teaches how to keep track of your Calendar, Contact and Things To Do in an organized way for both office and personal use.

The Beginning Microsoft Outlook class is designed to help users learn how to use Outlook, a popular email and personal information management software. The class typically covers basic tasks such as setting up an email account, composing and sending emails, organizing email messages into folders, creating and managing contacts, scheduling appointments and events using the calendar, and setting reminders and tasks. Students will also learn how to customize their Outlook settings to suit their preferences and needs. Overall, the class is aimed at beginners who are new to Outlook or looking to improve their basic administrative skills.

In addition to the basic tasks mentioned above, a beginning Microsoft Outlook class may also cover other features such as managing multiple email accounts, using the search function to find specific emails or contacts, creating rules to automatically organize incoming messages, and utilizing the task list to manage to-do items. The class may also touch on advanced features such as using templates, creating signatures, and integrating with other Microsoft Office applications. Students may have the opportunity to practice using Outlook through hands-on exercises and projects. By the end of the class, students should have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Outlook and be able to use the software with confidence.

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