Student Services

PC Professor is particularly proud of its large list of student and alumni support services which include the following:

Academic Assistance

Academic assistance is available from the instructors and lab supervisor. Students that need additional assistance are asked to see the school’s Director who has the discretion to arrange additional tutoring to assist those in need.

Alumni Services

Graduates may audit a refresher course paying only the registration fee as space allows.  Additionally, graduates of vocational courses may contact the placement assistance office for computer-related job referrals at any time.

Career Advising

Students in vocational courses may request additional career advice and occupational demand information from their Admissions Representative. Our “open door” policy exists for this very purpose and students are encouraged to discuss their career and occupational concerns with our staff at any time.


One goal of PC Professor’s vocational programs is to prepare students for national vendor certification. We do not profess to know the exact questions that will be asked nor can we guarantee success on any exam.  All tests are administered by an outside entity and are usually considered to be quite difficult.  Tests may be taken at any PC Professor campus or at any PearsonVue Testing Center throughout the world.  The tuition for the class does not include the national certification testing fee.


PC Professor information can be found on this website.  Students are asked to register on the site and check regularly for any announcements, updates and/or modifications pertaining to this catalog.  Additionally, a customer service feedback form is on the web site for all to use.  Students are asked to submit ideas, suggestions, and/or comments with the assurance that each will be taken very seriously.


PC Professor does not offering counseling services, but if needed, referrals will be made to community resources.  Such referrals may include mental health clinics, medical clinics, homeless shelters, doctors, food pantries, transportation dilemmas, disability obstacles, legal problems, unemployment offices, senior agencies or other community organizations which may be able to assist students in need.  Our school maintains a database of local social service agencies and it is available to PC Professor students at no charge. Simply use the “Contact Us” form if you would like to request free access at any time.

Credit Union Membership

As a career school of technology, our school’s faculty, staff, students and graduates are all eligible for membership at the IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union. Advantages of membership include personalized service, smartphone banking, surcharge-free ATM usage, free webinars and seminars for members, financial podcasts, competitive rates and typically higher-paying CD and savings accounts. Contact us for details on credit union membership.

Call Us! We Are Here To Help!

Not everything in the real world goes according to plan – or according to the textbook. As such, PC Professor graduates are entitled to phone support as part of the class. Students are allowed and encouraged to utilize the resources of our skilled technical support department and speak to our technicians during business hours, at no charge. Think Computer, think PC Professor. Yet another reason it pays to be a PC Professor graduate.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

PC Professor proudly complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of the 1974 Buckley Amendment, Public Law 93-380, and Section 438. All student records are confidential.

Open Lab Time

Each class at PC Professor includes complimentary lab time so that those without easy access to the hardware or software have the ability to use our equipment at no charge. Whether it is to prepare for class, do homework, work on practice exercises or to study for a national certification exam, PC Professor students and graduates are always welcome to use our labs at no charge.

Additionally, all career classes at PC Professor include free practice time and free phone support. Once a student, always a student. It’s been this way since 1989. If your computer or office is not available for your own use, come in and use ours, at no charge. At PC Professor, our casa is your casa.

Sexual Predator Information

In accordance with statute 943.043, all schools licensed in the State of Florida are required to inform you that the Department of Law Enforcement maintains a sexual predator and sexual offender registry website that provides access to sexual predator and sexual offender public information. The website can be found at and the toll-free number is 1-888-357-7332. For TTY Accessibility: 1-877-414-7234.

Training-Related Job Leads

Upon written request, PC Professor takes an active role in helping its students identify training-related job leads. Placement assistance include targeted job-lead blasts, a resume database, a LinkedIn network, recruiter and headhunter referrals, an employer’s hiring form on our website, external job board publications, social media endorsements and personalized letters of recommendations to hiring employers.


Official PC Professor academic transcripts and certificated of completion are each provided upon authorized request and are available through this website.

Website Storage and Hosting

Student enrolled in our 200+ hour web design classes may obtain free website storage and hosting for their class projects, their personal project or their entrepreneurial start up site. Upon graduation or upon arranging alternative hosting, our students can easily arrange for the forwarding of all of their site’s traffic to the designated landing page of their choice. To activate this valuable benefit, simply see your campus Admission Rep. There is no charge for any aspect of this service.

Job Placement Assistance

Vocational students who have achieved national certification status may request assistance with placement and will be furnished with company names and contact information for employment possibilities.  Inquiries made to the school from potential employers are posted online and/or compiled in a logbook kept by the school’s Placement Director.  Referrals to resume writing firms, IT recruiters, local networking groups and helpful career articles are all available upon request.

While PC Professor may attempt to assist students and alumni in finding entry-level employment in computer-oriented careers, we can cannot guarantee employment, job availability, salary levels, job satisfaction or vendor certification.  Be wary of any school that does.

Moreover, we are proud to have a “Frequent Hire Program” in place which encourages neighboring businesses to hire our certified graduates as they graduate from our career classes.  The employer saves the cost of an expensive help wanted ad and our qualified students get first dibs on the open IT positions.  Employers have come to expect superb results from PC Professor graduates and have been using our school as an IT hiring resource since 1989.