The form below is to be used for the purchase of pre-paid service hours or training hours, based on bulk pricing.  The greater the number of hours purchased, the greater the discount.  Pre-paid hours are non-refundable, valid until consumed and do not expire.


Pre-paid service hours may be applied towards remote desktop or network labor, standard programming, standard data recovery and/or web design services.  Labor may be performed in person or remotely, at PC Professor’s sole discretion.  Problems necessitating physical travel will be subject to a 2 hour minimum.  Remote connection times are computed in 15 minute increments.  This is not a hardware or software maintenance agreement, service agreement nor a warranty plan, nor does it cover data integrity.  The customer is responsible for making, having and testing backups at all times.


Pre-paid training hours may be applied towards private lessons for any of the classes normally offered at PC Professor.  The hours can be redeemed for either physical face-to-face training or remote sessions via Zoom, your choice.

Payment can be made via PayPal, Stripe, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover.

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