Software Downloads

Google, Microsoft and VM stylized logos
Depending on what certification classes you take at PC Professor, you may be eligible to download some or all of the associated academic software at reduced or no cost.

Presently, our post secondary school has academic licensing arrangements or discounts in place with software vendors including Google, Microsoft and VMWare. Please check with your Admissions Rep who will let you know if your program qualifies for an academic software download program.

The terms and conditions of each licensing program varies and will be provided by the software vendor for your review and acknowledgement prior to download. Please read the “Terms Of Service” for each title carefully so that you can legally comply. Some software titles may have additional restrictions and may require additional proof of academic use. Depending on the vendor and title, software licenses may have academic restrictions, may operate only for a limited duration of time or may need to be renewed annually. Some titles are not offered for free, but instead, are offered at greatly reduced prices or at discounted ongoing subscriptions.

Upon early termination of a contractual tuition agreement, the vendor’s suggested retail price of any downloaded software may be assessed and will be included in any refund computation.

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