Local, Training-Related, Job Placement Assistance

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PC Professor takes its placement assistance program very seriously and has been assisting students in identifying quality job leads since 1989.  Can we actually promise to get a student hired?  No, of course not; and, we urge you be wary of any school that does.  What we can pledge, however, is that we will try our best to find meaningful leads, job postings and employment opportunities for any of our vocational graduates who may be seeking career opportunities in the IT sector.  We strive for these leads to be training related, substantive in salary and within close driving proximity.

By monitoring the job postings from numerous lead sources, our office is able to quickly identify recently-posted job openings in the computer field and to get the word out to our job-seeking alumni in a timely manner.  The provided employment leads are typically fresh, substantive, training-related and local in nature.  Also, IT staffing agencies periodically use our graduate pool as a hiring source and are often hiring participants at our school’s employment job fairs.

Student Placement Assistance

Moreover, our corporate training customers are well aware of the high caliber of our students and receive hiring incentives through our ongoing Frequent Hire Program.  The program is a win-win scenario which encourages employers to extend a hiring preference to our school’s graduates and allows PC Professor students to stand out from the employment pack.

If you represent a hiring employer seeking to employ a talented PC Professor graduate, we ask that you submit an online job notification alert which will be made available to our job-seeking alumni.  Be it an opening for a web designer, a computer technician, a systems engineer, a programmer, an office administrator, a corporate executive or a help desk position, we will try our best to assist you in filling the position.  Entry level or senior level, either way is fine.  Our job placement assistance service is offered at no charge and with no obligation to either the hiring employer or to the student.

If you are a PC Professor graduate who has recently accepted employment, please let us know so that we may congratulate you on your new position!

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