Unemployed and Displaced Worker Full Tuition Training Grant

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The Unemployed and Under-Employed Worker Program is a federally-funded job-growth initiative of the US Department of Labor. As a licensed vocational school operating under the supervision of the Department of Education, PC Professor has been approved to participate in an Individual Training Assistance Special Project Grant targeting unemployed and under-employed workers throughout the South Florida region.

Unemployed Tuition Training Grant. If approved by the Grantor and PC Professor, the funding grant will cover 100% of each participant’s tuition, fees, books and national certification exams. Complimentary refresher courses, practice time, phone support and supplemental job placement assistance are also included. Depending on the course of study, software, labs and tools may be provided as well. Instructor-led classes begin weekly and meet on a daytime, evening or weekend basis.


The following is a list of the different categories of dislocated workers for which this scholarship grant program is intended:

You have been laid off or notified of a lay off, and are receiving (or have exhausted) your Unemployment Compensation benefits

You have been laid off or notified of a lay off but are not eligible for Unemployment Compensation.

You have received notice of termination from your current employer as a result of permanent plant closure or substantial layoff at the plant, facility or enterprise.

You have received a general announcement that plant closure will occur within 180 days. If the date is unknown or greater than 180 days, you are eligible for core services.

You have been previously self employed and are now unemployed due to economic conditions in the community.

You have depended on the income of another family member, but are no longer supported by that income, and are currently unemployed or underemployed and are experiencing difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment.

You are not working to your full potential and, with additional training, you feel that you could have a significantly higher earning potential.

PC Professor career class offerings include:

Cloud and Computer Systems Professional; Computer Support Specialist with Security; Database Professional with Business Intelligence; Executive Administrative Assistant; Full Stack Web Developer; IT Security Professional; Linux Professional; Wired and Wireless Network Professional; Cloud, Network and Computer Systems & many more.


If you are UNEMPLOYED or UNDER-EMPLOYED and would like to discuss tuition assistance, simply click the button below and provide the preliminary information.  A PC Professor Admissions Representative from your nearest campus will be in touch with you shortly to discuss course content, pricing, scheduling as well as any current grants for which you may qualify. Be advised that the approval for any funding is entirely up to the 3rd-party individual grantor, each with its own requirements and eligibility guidelines. Moreover, some agencies have enrollment windows that are limited in duration. PC Professor in no way guarantees grant or scholarship approval from any of the agencies or charitable organizations with which we work.

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