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Most people have a few favorite web sites that they visit regularly.  Some have many favorites.  These usually consist of a good news site, a sports site, a shopping site or two, an email portal and perhaps, a social media site added to the mix.  This is only the very tip of the iceberg, though.  The sites within cyberspace easily extend far beyond what you or anyone else could ever visit in a lifetime. There are already trillions of Web pages in publication and this number grows daily. Each page needed to be planned, designed, published and optimized by someone.

With tens of millions of new websites going live each year, the Internet Webmaster is predicted to be a very high in-demand occupation in Palm Beach County, South Florida, the United States and throughout the world.  Associated with the title of “Internet Webmaster” is usually job security, flexibility, independence, mobility, entrepreneurship, artistic freedom and online creativity. Business’ increased dependence on computers, email, internet technology and accessible web pages reinforce long term demand for web designers and internet career professionals.  The web has long ago replaced the phone book and directory assistance as the business index of choice.   Sites are coming out so fast that the major search engines are unable to index new pages as quickly as they are being published.

Not only will businesses, organizations and charities need more and more Web pages, but they will also need better quality sites to compete with a saturated market. The website that gets noticed first also has the best chances of also getting the dollars first.  Making a Web site stand out among the competition is an art in and of itself.  Once upon a time, only a select few businesses had websites.  Now, it is considered a basic business expense and not having a web presence is not a viable option for most.

It was not that long ago that the majority of homes did not have computers and few had email accounts.  Obviously, things have changed and the internet has come a long way. We live in exciting technology times; and, as a Web designer, you’ll have a front row seat to the abundant internet action that will undoubtedly take place in the foreseeable future.

Today’s Webmaster, Web Designer or Web Developer requires more than just a “cool” web page.  The new emphasis is not only aesthetic, but now the content and quality of the website creation is more vital than ever.  It is paramount for employers and companies to be found on the internet by major search engines.  Our web class will focus on the brink of obsession with this Search Engine Optimization concept in every lesson and lab.  Our hands-on Web Design class has constant thoughts of search engine optimization, our students will learn to create websites the “right” way; the way the search engines want it.  The principal is fairly obvious once explained; Google and other top-search engines pride themselves to offer the “correct” answer to the inquiry.  The search engines will usually dismiss websites that have poor content, use template shortcuts and that are not create “professionally”.  When keyword phrases can have millions of web results, coming up close to the top-page is vital for businesses to stay competitive.  This is where our hands-on training led by a live,  industry expert will be a great help.  By incorporating today’s in-demand and professionally accepted software and SEO skills, a student’s websites should rise in ranking well.  You might not be the most creative or artistically inclined, but will soon have the know-how to generate great traffic to any web page.  For most companies, functional web design is preferred over a “cool” website that cannot be found on search engines.

Web Design Class

Web Design Class. The various classes offered at PC Professor classes cover beginning to advanced topics including HTML5, CSS, CCS3, Responisve Design for Mobile and Devices, Photoshop for Web and Photo Retouching, WordPress, C#, .Net, PHP, Search Engine Optimization and much more.

We invite you to audit our hands-on training approach and are very confident you will be pleased.

Don’t forget our complimentary refresher classes.  If you are not 100% confident in your abilities, you can come resit your class at no additional tuition charge.  Registration and a book fee may apply.  Then too, there is our unlimited lab time and phone support — both are included with any vocational class at no additional charge.

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