Certification Preparatory Classes

Computer monitor showing a car with a keyboard and Computer Server

PC Professor’s Cloud & Computer Systems preparatory class is designed to teach participants to effectively plan, implement, and maintain a range of computing environments using Microsoft Windows Server and the Microsoft BackOffice integrated family of server products. Computer Support Specialist, Cloud & Computer Systems & IT Security credentials are the premier certifications for professionals who analyze the business requirements for a system architecture, design solutions, deploy, install, and configure architecture components, and troubleshoot system problems.  PC Professor courses are all preparatory in nature and intended to help you prepare for the national certification exams that are administrated by the sponsoring vendor.

PC Professor is proud to have most modules beginning monthly with instructor-led classes in a live, hands-on format.  Many sessions are available in a live, remote format as well.  Moreover, many classes are offered on a daytime, evening and/or weekend basis.

Why should you become certified?

Different vendors offer different benefits, but here are just a few of the possible advantages:

  • To help demonstrate to your employer, customers and colleagues that you might have what it takes to plan, implement, and support business solutions concerning hardware, software, networking and/or the underlying operating system.

  • A suitable for framing, parchment-like Certificate Of Completion certificate issued by PC Professor signifying your participation and academic achievement at our vocational school.

  • Large-scale industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency with computer hardware and/or software.

  • In some cases, the ability of career students to test and evaluate new or academic-oriented software products.  When offered by the vendors, evaluation titles typically give users a chance to try new software products and determine how it will impact current systems, what deployment issues may arise, and how much end-user support will be needed.

  • Depending on the company, possible access to technical and/or product information directly from the certifying vendor.

  • Possible access to technical resources, connections to others in the certified community, and possible access to valuable resources and services.  Each vendor typically has its own community, portal and/or networking opportunities.

  • Possible use of the certification vendor’s logo, certificate, wallet card, and/or lapel pin to enable you to identify your certified status to colleagues, clients and prospective employers.  The permissible logo usage and requirements of each vendor will vary.

  • Possible invitations from vendors to conferences, technical training sessions, focus groups, networking events, continuing education opportunities and/or special events.  Varying opportunities may be realized from each of the numerous hardware and/or software vendors.

  • Possible subscriptions to professional newsletters, career related emails and/or professional development magazines.  These are typically free and will vary in nature and in scope from each of the numerous vendors.

  • Access to PC Professor’s supplemental, placement-assistance lead-referral program.  While no reputable school can ever promise a job,  we try our best to help our students and graduates find meaningful training-related employment by supplying them with job leads and available employment opportunities offered by local, South Florida employers.  In fact, we’ve been offering job placement assistance and support to our students and graduates ever since we opened, back in 1989.

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